Fully Alive

New River is pleased to partner with elevateHim Ministries for men’s & Women's Fully Alive events.

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Fully Alive is an intimate encounter for men & women who want to claim what is rightfully theirs... sonship & daughterhood in God’s Kingdom.

 It’s a time dedicated to allow you to find your true identity, purpose & destiny while connecting intimately with your loving Father.

Everyone’s Fully Alive story is different but shares the commonality that it is a sacred time where God speaks & moves in ways that transforms individuals, marriages, families, churches, communities & relationships. 

Fully Alive Dates

Fully Alive Dates

I had the blessing & privilege to attend Fully Alive #2. Having been in ministry for over 39 years, I can unequivocally say that I have not attended a more anointed, spiritually powerful event in all the years I have served at churches across four states.
It’s very difficult to effectively describe the life-changing impact that Fully Alive had on me personally as a minister, husband, father, & grandfather, but this I can say, it has helped set me on a path of truly understanding what Freedom in Christ is, who I am in Christ & how it can be lived out on a daily basis.
— Lynn Bullock, Teaching Pastor Benbrook Campus