A new year is
a time to ask:

“How's my spiritual life?  
Is God a priority in my life?
How am I responding to God?”

We are excited about this
resource to help you
seek God for answers.
New River is partnering with
Believe Boldly for five weeks
of focused prayer through
groups together in

Fives Men Cover.PNG

#TheFives is simple:
One hour of prayer at 5am
5 days a week (Mon-Fri)
for 5 weeks

These five weeks of prayer
will be led by New River
pastors, staff and lay leaders
Sign-ups close January 12th

Fives Women cover.PNG

Sunday core belief series
for the first five weeks of 2018
we will be growing together
in prayer groups & seeking God to
revive our relationship with Him.

Gather on Sunday's for the weekly sermon & grow deeper in relationship with God through a prayer group in #theFives


What the five weeks look like?

  • Check-in via the GroupMe app each morning at 5 am. If your group facilitator doesn’t hear from you by 5:10, you will get a friendly “wake-up” text to get you out of bed!
  • Begin your prayer time. You can journal through it, listen to music, pray out-loud or silently. Still at at loss? Make a list of 30 things or people to pray for and you will fill up an hour easily!

  • Post your prayer requests or anything that speaks to you in your GroupMe conversation. You can interact as much (or as little) as you want with the others in your group.